21 January 2012



By Julie Cordier

Winchester MP Steve Brine says he has no regrets about standing against the government on the issue of Europe.

He was part of the biggest rebellion a Conservative government has ever seen in Europe.

But the MP said he didn't see himself as a rebel “Voting against your constituents was the rebellious position last week. I'm thirty-seven and I was teething the last time the British public was asked about Europe. Europe has changed beyond recognition since the European Community was created, it's time we ask the people [again].”

The last time the British public had a say on Europe was in 1975, in a referendum asking people whether the country should stay in the European Economic Community.

“I think Britain should be in Europe, but not run by Europe. I do not want Britain to be part of a super state. I think Britain has some benefits in being part of the European Union, but there are many non benefits to that, and it's costing us billions of pounds a year for the privilege of it.”

But Brine did state that David Cameron still has his full support “the Prime Minister is still head and shoulders above any men and women in this place as the best man for the job. As Prime Minister he's doing a great job but on this particular point I disagree.”

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